Carlsberg: Product Life Cycle

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In part one of this I will explain the product life cycle, state where Carlsberg is currently on the product life cycle and state my reasons for thinking this. In part two I will examine the advantages of Carlsberg using the Boston group consultation group matrix to manage their portfolio and exam the quadrant that I would place Carlsberg part three I will look at the effect that the new tagline had on Carlsberg. in part 4 I will evaluate the advantages and risks of using a global branding strategy for Carlsberg and also explain what is meant by ‘glocal’ approach Q1. The product life cycle is a theory made up to try and recognise different states of a products sales and profitability history. Using this theory, we can Identify how…show more content…
This is why I’m lead to believe that Carlsberg is in its maturity in the product life cycle and will remain there for a long…show more content…
1.Carlsberg want to develop their beer into an international beer icon and taking the single global marking strategy approach is the only way that they can reach this iconic status across all of their markets 2.their new tagline translates very well into different languages across the world which can help them grow sales for their beer into different markets such as the Asian market as the beer only accounts for 10% of all the sales made by the Carlsberg group in Asia 3.As their new approach focuses on a younger market it is important for the marking of the product to be consistent to all the markets to get an accurate idea of what their market wants in different counters around the world 4.the fact that there would be little change thorough out the market it would allow Carlsberg as a company to be able to achieve economy of scale much more efficiently than using a single marking approach On the other hand, there are risked involved with using this approach thesis are 1.the change in the campaign may prove a risk of alienating a market such as the UK which is one of Carlsberg’s biggest market and poetically losing them consumers and in turn profit in these

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