Carly Fiorin Annotated Bibliography

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On September 6, 1954, Carly Fiorina was born in Austin, TX. Today that will make her 61. Growing up, she had to move from place to place, because of her dad. She went to four different high schools, but graduated from Jordan High School. After she graduated, she went to Stanford University and graduated in 1976. She then attended UCLA School of Law 1976, but dropped out her first year. In 1977, Fiorina had gotten married to Todd Bartlem. When 1980 came, she determined to go to Robert H. Smith School of Business. After graduating, Carly and Todd had gotten divorced in 1984. One year passed by and in 1985, Mrs. Fiorina got married to Frank Fiorina and they are still hanging in there. In 1989, she obtained a Master of Science in management at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Carly’s qualifications considered parts while she was in college and afterwards. In 1980, she joined AT&T, which she sold…show more content…
With education, she thinks school is the only way to fix it. This means she thinks that everyone should be able to attend school for free. According to the environment, Carly says EPA will destroy all sorts of things. The situation with family and children, she thinks when marriage is no longer, a woman becomes a husband’s peer. She also speaks against abortions. Foreign Policies, she says that she knows the leaders of the Middle East, which Obama and Hillary don’t. Lastly, for free trade, Carly wants to change the rules about outsourcing current climate forces it.
Carly’s leadership may take us far or maybe so not. Mrs. Fiorina thinks that she has the right to lead the United States. She has played a role as being CEO since May 4, 2015. She stood out among others and tried to do lumpsons of things. Carly wanted to make things better for the United States. She don’t approve of LGBT and chooses to speak out against it. Some of her leadership that she has in the United States, could bring all this nonsense to an
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