Carly Fiorina Argumentative Analysis

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In the 2016 presidential election campaign, fifteen republicans and five democrats began the race for the upcoming position offered country wide. Current republican, Carly Fiorina, placed sixth in the top ten candidates running. Throughout the country many nominees such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Ben Carson are running for office but none of them meet the criteria that the country needs. Former U.S. Senate runner up, Carly Fiorina, supports LGBT rights, opposes abortion, supports the second amendment, and she believes that it is the state’s decision to legalize marijuana. The country is struggling with these issues in each state but she will manage it to the best of her ability with all opinions of the people in mind. Carly Fiorina…show more content…
In this current century, government officials are attempting to go against the United States Declaration of Independence and prohibit guns. Carly Fiorina, current candidate for president, wants to ban that law from the presidential office. She believes there should be no restrictions on the right to bear arms for all citizens. Not only this year but in the year 1994, she opposed the assault-weapon and no-fly gun ban. She states, “We have loads of laws, and most of the time, criminals are breaking those laws and we are curtailing citizens ' lawful rights to carry guns. The assault weapons ban is extremely arbitrary about what qualifies as an assault weapon.” In this time period we need guns for public safety and Fiorina sees that aspect. She knows that not just today, tomorrow, or a week from now but every day that the guns the American government is trying to ban will be needed (On the Issues Quote…show more content…
Nominees like Donald Trump bash her in every election race by bringing up her past profession. Around the country, she is known for her work as a head leader of Hewlett-Packard. As Donald Trump quotes, “The company is a disaster and continues to be a disaster. When Carly says the revenues went up, that 's because she bought Compaq. It was a terrible deal, and it really led to the destruction of the company.” Donald Trump just like other nominees criticize Carly Fiorina for a small mistake in the company when really that 's not even the case. Yes, Fiorina had previously bought Compaq for Hewlett Packard but she doubled the size of the company, raised the growth and cash rate by far, and the innovation for the business raised drastically. She may have produced money a different way then planned but it spiked business for all of Hewlett Packard (Tampa Bay Times Politifact Web Page). Carly Fiorina has never been in office before but she has strong arguments to support the issues she believes in. Though she has made a poor decision in the business world, she was capable of overcoming her problem and moving passed it for the better. As proven, Fiorina accomplished many achievements for the company of Hewlett-Packard exactly like she is planning on for the country of America. Many candidates may argue that they have what it takes to provide for the

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