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Incompetent Politicians Need to Grow Up
Presidential Race: In “Why should we hire Carly Fiorina for president?” Richard Cohen asserts that Carly Fiorina would not be a good choice for president, regardless of her success or failure in business. Cohen employs the use of the example of Herbert Hoover, an excellent business man but a “political klutz” (9) to show that having people who are not legitimate politicians try to be president is not in the best interests of the United States. Cohen also uses statistics to illustrate that she was not even that good of a businesswoman, as the stock of her company decreased significantly during her time there. This serves to discredit her further because even if one believes that a good businessperson will
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But it turns out it’s something you have to choose to do.” Physically everyone grows old automatically. Bodies tire, memories disappear, sicknesses arise, and people die. It is just something that happens in life, it is expected. However, generally, growing up mentally is a conscious effort. There are times where people are incapable of “growing up” due to an illness that they have, which shows that this quote cannot be considered true for all instances. In those cases, it is beyond the control of the individual to mature and they are actually unable to do so. In most cases though, mental maturation is something that happens when a person wants it to happen and attempts to actually make it happen. There are a lot of times where people do not realize that they have to make an effort to actually grow up and so remain immature for a long period of time. They either do not realize that this could be detrimental to them in the future or simply do not care, but either way, they do not grow up. Immaturity is not always a bad thing, and sometimes silliness is welcome and encouraged, but one has to be grown up in order to know when a good time for the silliness is and when it is inappropriate. As people age, they decide who they are going to become and what they are going to do with their lives. In order to achieve their goals, they need to realize at some point
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