Piaget Morality Theory

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My case study will be about Carmen, who is an eighteen-year-old young woman. Carmen was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico for five years until her mother decided to immigrate to the United States to be with Carmen's father. Her family struggled economically since the mother did not have adequate documentation to work nor be in the United States legally unlike the father. Over the years they still struggled economically but started improving as the mother found a job and both parents gained experience and found better jobs. The father married the mother to give Carmen's residency and give Carmen citizenship to the United States. Carmen by the age of 9 had three siblings’ all from both parents. Her family continued to struggle
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This theory was applied in Carmen’s life when she took the decision to realize the abuse was too bad in her home. She took the decision to convince her mother to leave her father and give her and her siblings a better life. Carmen was also realistic enough to realize she could not keep her un born child as her own if she decided to take to term. She knew she could not be able to afford it so she was looking for alternative solutions.

Kohlberg’s Postconventional Morality Theory This theory reference to being able to develop moral principles that transcend one’s own society, such as, individual ethics, societal rights, and universal principles of right and wrong (Hutchison, 2015, pg.235). Carmen life portrayed this theory when she starting looking for options for her baby. She knew she didn’t want to abort, so she went looking for all the options she had before making a decision that was going to impact her life and especially the child’s life when they grow up. Person and The Environment
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Carmen does not show obvious symptoms of psychological problems. Although she may experience depression, and anxiety in the future from the abuse she went through or already experience it but does not say or show major symptoms. Carmen does not have any biological problems or abnormalities. Carmen is in her adolescence stage and hit puberty but nothing out of the ordinary. Coming from a low income family and the lack of money may cause them to pick alternative foods to make their ends meet. This can lead to poor eating choices that may cause health problems in the future. Carmen has no social life and never really had one either. She moved too many times to established and relationships or build them. She only socializes with her family and coworkers since those are her main
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