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Water and Emission of Carmex Lip Care

Raw Material Acquisition
The Carmex is one of the oldest well-known lip care, lip balm company in United States, it offers lip balms in different proportions, such as in jars, tubes, and lip sticks. Carmex claimed that their “natural” lip balm formula helps remove cracked and peeling skin, and allow soothing and healing dry lip, and the menthol and camphor ingredients provide cool and refreshing tingle. The natural lip balm formula based on four main raw materials, which are Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Menthol and Camphor. Regarding to those four material, they are considered as hazardous materials, which are Eco-toxicity to human and to our environment. For the acquisition of those four raw materials, the
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Carmex has two major factories in order to manufacture lip care products, which is Carma Laboratories and Carmex Lip Factory. Carma Laboratories is located at Franklin, Wisconsin, which at in the greater Milwaukee area. it’s also the headquarter of the company. The Carmex Lip Factory is located at southside of Atlanta in the state of Georgia. The Carma Laboratories has never release any information of the manufacturing process. Due to this reason, our group could not find any detail information about the factory conditions with regards to air and water quality in both Carmex factories. However, we found an Environmental engineering company that providing sustainable solution for other companies, the Sigma Group is located at Milwaukee, one of their project is helps Carma Laboratories, Inc. on develop equipment for resolve the wastewater treatment system. The Sigma Group stated that in the manufacturing process of Carma Laboratories, Inc., it needed several hundred- gallon mixing tanks to mix different compounds, after the mixing process, it required a massive amount of water to remove Carmex residue remains in the tanks. it product high levels of emulsified oil and grease in the cleaning operations, the Sigma Group has also sampling the wastewater in Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, the wastewater has discharged up to 2,000 milligrams per liter of emulsified of oil and grease, which is much higher than the discharge limit of 300 milligrams per

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