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In regards to Mr. Carnell’s memo, I have concluded the memo to be strategic and somewhat professional. Mr. Carnell wrote with purpose, by addressing his audience, what he planned to accomplish with this memo, and constructed to achieve a desirable outcome. The memo was guided towards all PNC Bank employees, the ones who reported to work and the ones who did not report. Mr. Carnell delivered a clear and concise message with very detailed information appropriate to the situation. His memo defined clarity and was found somewhat ethical and professional in my opinion. Mr. Carnell explained his outrage effectively, while praising the employees who came to work and offering a solution to the problem he faced with the ones he scolded. On the other hand, Mr. Carnell lack the ability to fully understand how this memo and its actions would impact others. Although, Mr. Carnell thought he wrote ethically, he neglected to fully comprehend why certain employees failed to report to work. In reality, employees might have had adequate reasons for not reporting to their duties at PNC Bank.…show more content…
To conclude, Mr. Carnell would have had a better reaction if he took into account what his memo could impose on his employees. Although, the memo contained strong strategic and somewhat professional attire, it lacked the ethical background to draw his scolded employees in and retain them from retaliating against

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