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In 1991, he was invited to become the director of the New Conservatory of Music in New York. The New Conservatory of Music in New York is a school for aspiring musicians. He received a telegram about his nomination saying, “Would you accept position Director National Conservatory of Music, New York, October 1892 also lead six concerts of your works?” (Neil Butterworth, 1981) He accepted the position and he moved there with his family in September of that same year to become director. During his time in the United States, he would still compose multiple pieces, including my focus piece, Carnival Overture. Four years later though, he would move back to the Austrian Empire because he was homesick. His final years were very peaceful in the Austrian Empire. He would mainly compose operas at that time. During that time as well, his longtime friend Johannes Brahms died in 1897 which left an impact on him until his death in 1904. There are many rumors on how he died and what led to his…show more content…
His main works were symphonies, which are compositions that have at least three movement, and one must be in sonata form. His main symphony was Symphony no. 9 in E Major, “Symphony from the New World,” which was made in the United States while he was there. Some of his other works were Symphony no. 8 in G Major and Symphony no. 7 in D Minor. He also created multiple quartets, which are compositions that need four instruments. His most known quartet was the String Quartet in F Major, op. 96 “American”. His other works are his String Quartet in D Major, B. 18 and String Quartet in A Minor, B. 40. One other genre he made his compositions on was concert overtures. Concert overtures are pieces that act as an overture, but are performed as individual acts. He didn’t create many of these types but some of his main ones were In Nature’s Realm, op. 91, Carnival Overture, op. 92, and Othello, op.

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