Carol Ann Duffy: Adultery, The Dummy And Psychopath

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Introduction: The three texts Adultery, The Dummy and Psychopath all use manipulative language to discuss controversial topics, such as rape, adultery, and abusive relationships, yet they are topics that are so rarely discussed within our society and are hidden from the public eye. The three poems by Carol Ann Duffy all incorporate different techniques to convey the main messages and themes of power and corruption, betrayal and forgiveness, and reality vs. imagination. The intended audience for these poems is not necessarily specified, as the purpose of all three poems is for all of society to be exposed to the truth about the motivations of these characters within our communities. Duffy effectively portrays these problems through the poems so that the audience can relate, gain understanding and so that the audience can understand why they are kept hidden from us. Duffy effectively manipulates the language to depict the way in which these characters function and the way they think. Each poem explores different perspectives: that of a psychopath, a dummy and a person who commits adultery. Main Body: The poem Psychopath depicts a young man who had an abusive childhood, which resulted him to become a psychopath who finds pleasure in raping and traumatizing girls, both emotionally and physically. Throughout the poem he has several flashbacks of his childhood, his mother and the men that came in and out of their lives; he also has a flashback of the first sexual interaction he

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