Carol Ann Duffy Juxtaposition

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How has Carol Ann Duffy used juxtaposition and to what effect to create a specific tone?
The poem ‘Valentine’ written by Carol Ann Duffy was written in a way that shows the constant contradictions between the aspects of love. Throughout the poem, the duality of love is compared to show both the negative and positive aspects of love. This has been done as the poet has been blunt and not hidden the bad or dangerous side but instead has contrasted the clichéd ideas of romance and love by highlighting the commonly looked over feature. This essay will focus on how the juxtaposition is created in the structures of lines, stanzas and imagery as well as the tones created.
The structure of the poem has been used to show the juxtaposition of love throughout the poem. In the beginning of the poem the poet has used enjambments “It promises light – like the careful undressing of love” whereas towards the end the lines are broken by punctuation “Lethal. Its scent will cling to your fingers, cling to your knife.” The structure of these quotations juxtapose each other as one is very smooth flowing whilst the other is more ragged and uncomforting. The first quotation found in the beginning of poem has been used to show the smoothness of the honeymoon stage or the start of love when both the lovers romantic and careful. The metaphor sets the tone of the poem as sweet and tender. However the last quotation which is also the last stanza can be used to show the end of love or the breakup when

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