Carol Dweck Brainology

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Educational Self-Analysis As students the people who we surround ourselves with have a profound effect with our motivational level. Our surroundings can emotionally impact our life for the better or worse. By reading the article “Brainology” by Carol Dweck has also showed me the mindset I have and reflect on the way I view education. like most Parents, my Parents want to see me succeed in school since they did not have the chance to do so themselves. Like everyone, I have weaknesses thats make me fall but, I also have strengths that help me get right back up. Spending nearly third-teen years in education not counting four plus years that will be spent in college, motivation is what will be need to get us threw the failures and help achieve our goals. Threw grade school and high school I thought of myself as a “slow learn”. I new I needed help but never asked for it. Reading “brainology” by Carol Dweck showed me I have a “fixed mindset”. I believed if I was smart things would come naturally and learning would be easier. I could personally relate to the charaterics that the “fixed minded”…show more content…
As a student I have many Weaknesses however I also have strengths which can help me overcome my weaknesses. One of my weaknesses is time management I tend to waste time watching my favorite Tv shows or spend time on social media. Another weakness I have is I tend to loose focus and get bored. those are some weaknesses I have which make me a bad student. In order to overcome those weaknesses I have started being more organized than I ever was, I use things like calendars and planners to mark important dates so I wont forget. I have become more determined which is one of my strengths.What I have done to stay more focused is make a list of my priorities that I need to stay on task with. It makes me feel better about myself when I check things off my list. I have been also persistent which is another strength that will help me succeed and will help me become a better
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