Carol Gilligan Ethics Of Care Ethics Analysis

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Carol Gilligan focused on actual rather than the hypothetical situation of moral conflict and choices. It’s about what people see as moral problems or questions, and how moral language comes into play in shaping the choices people consider to make or the action they would actually take. Her care ethic is the premise that humans are fundamentally responsive beings and that human condition is concerned with connection with one another. She states.” that ethics of care directs our attention to the need for responsiveness in relationships to the costs of losing connection with oneself or with others.” As humans, we are by nature empathic and responsive beings, hard-wired for cooperation.
My interview was with two older people who are married.
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He knows that it is morally wrong to steal someone else’s property. He thinks that his wife is worth saving and that he would face the consequences later. He hopes that the judge would feel sorry for him and he would not be sent to jail but that he would have to make restitution to the druggist for the medication he had stolen.
Alesia, the female subject, said that she would not steal the medicine. She said that she would consider borrowing a loan from a bank or friend/ family member to pay for the medication. She believes that stealing is morally wrong and would pray for God to save her husband’s life. She was willing to save her husband’s life but would not violate the universal moral principle to steal even if it meant that her husband would die. She said that her husband’s life is in God’s control and whatever happens to her husband it's God’s

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