Carol Gilligan's Moral Development Summary

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Carol Gilligan in her Different Voice Thesis focuses on the moral development and women’s rights. Her theory is divided into three stages of moral development beginning from being selfish “ Pre-conventional” level then Social or “Conventional Morality” level and finally “Post Conventional” level. In selfish level, people care only for there own interests to ensure survival. The next level is pre-conventional level where there is more responsibility and care for others but still there is a conflict between one’s interest and others. The final level is “ Post Conventional” where people care for self-interests as well as others and it is hard to reach this level. After reading Carol Gilligan’s moral development theory in her thesis, the main…show more content…
I believe that perhaps the paramount importance of ethics and moral growth comes from the fact that morality is an essential element of the existence and survival of society and it is a fundamental component of society being and character. There is not any society that remains governed without a set of laws and rules for relations of its members with each other. Morals are served as the criteria adopted to guide people. In other words, morals aim at strengthening the social relationship and strengthen the adjustment of the individual with societies and acts according to their beliefs. Therefore, there should be in every society common morals agreed upon by females and males to follow. In order for me to understand Carol Gilligan Thesis, I had to study Kohlberg theory that Carol Gilligan Thesis argues against. I agree with his structure of the development of morals. Kohlberg argues that people starts as being unfamiliar of common norms then they start knowing and following the norms within their societies. After a while, the individuals will explore the reasons for abiding by the norms. At the end, they will discover the morality behind all accepted norms. I believe that Gilligan did not add to Kohlberg theory but she redefined…show more content…
Also, Article 5 which aims at achieving the elimination of prejudices and all other practices which are based on the idea of the inferiority or superiority of one gender. The convention text in Article (6): All countries take measures to combat all forms of trafficking and exploitation of women in prostitution, trafficking in women, the white slave trade and coercion of girls into prostitution are

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