Carol M. Bundy: An American Serial Killer

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Carol M. Bundy Carol M. Bundy was a ruthless serial killer. In her early years Carol M. Bundy was young kind and beautiful. Not many people would have thought or even believed that she would become a serial killer. She was kind too everyone she knew she helped people however when her mother died she became very nonsocial to everyone her mother’s death hurt her very badly. It eruct her hard she lost her mind completely. She killed over sixteen people and she was arrested August 11, in 1981 and her and her husband was soon known as the sunset strip killers. Carol M. Bundy was an American serial Killer. All the dead bodies and all the horrifying evidence this proves that Carol M. Bundy was an American serial killer.
They never would have
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The description she gave of her mother's death was somehow unreal, sounding more like a scene from a daytime soap than from real life. According to Carol, her mother had suddenly complained of feeling unwell and told Carol to call her father from work. He took Gladys to the hospital and returned many hours later, alone. When he walked in the door, he told Carol that her mother was dead. Carol would recall that she screamed and ran to him. Her father held her tightly as they wept together.
It would take some time before the reality of Carol's childhood was uncovered. The truth painted a less pretty picture. Her father was an alcoholic who moved his family from town to town in his work as a movie-theatre troubleshooter. Her mother was a hairdresser who had at one time been stand-in for tap-dancing star Ruby
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Although they were not sure why, they were both too scared to go. They played a game to decide who would go, Vicky lost, and at the age of eleven, was introduced to oral sex. Later, it was Carol's turn. Despite her tears and protests, her father sexually abused his daughter. According to Vicky, their father's sexual abuse would continue until he remarried eight months later, Carol would recall the first and last time as being the only occurrences. She would always remember her father as being a good man who had loved her, she could find nothing bad to say about the man who had beaten and abused her. Soon after her father began molesting her, Carol began running naked through the streets at night. By the time she was fifteen, she had learned the power of sex and the appeal of her large breasts. Through promiscuity, with high school boys and the school bus driver, although not sexually satisfying to herself, Carol found she could get the attention she craved, if only for a
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