Carol Shields's Encounter

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1) In what way is "encounter" as you mean it in your piece significantly different to what is meant by Carol Shields? How is this sense conveyed in Shield 's piece?
Encounter is defined as an unexpected or a casual meeting with someone. Based on this definition, then parts in which I come into contact with the stranger would be regarded as an “encounter” in my point of view, however, the “encounter” described by Carol Shields seems to have a deeper meaning to it. Carol Shields´ encounter is not about meeting a new and gaining something out of it. This is what I initially thought and my essay was structured around this concept. The “encounter” was very personal and memorable, which is reinforced by the use of first-person pronouns. There was something about the “encounter” that had a dramatic change on Carol Shields, making her recall what happened exactly when it took place.
Throughout Carol Shields´ text, we get the sense of an “encounter” in the larger sense of the term, when she describes a very ordinary meeting between two people, which then leads to deep realisations and insights. These insights can possibly change the Carol Shields´ view of certain thing forever, making a huge impact on her decisions in life. Carol Shields creates the “dramatic from the domestic”, whereas I try to create the “dramatic from the unusual”, which does not have the same impact as the Carol Shields´ style. It seems more appealing and universal when the “encounter” is placed in daily life
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