Carol Vasquez Value Analysis

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The personal values statement of Carol Vasquez. The biggest thing that I care about outside of my family is the rescuing and rehoming of animals (Mostly dogs and injured geese). I have in the past 15 years had the opportunity to recuse and rehome over 50 dogs, several geese and one duck. This has become one of my life passions. I find joy in spending time with my granddaughters. I don’t see them but a few weeks out of the years since their mother is stationed in Florida with the military. What saddens me is to see a hurt animal, or knowing that a friend or family member is suffering, but the thing that makes me sadder than anything else is saying goodbye to my daughter every time she deploys. The character qualities that I posse are being loyal, open-minded, dependable, and respectful. I am always and will always be a loyal person whether it at home with my family or at work…show more content…
My five personal core values are accountability, family, faith, positive attitude and responsibility. I feel that I am a very accountable person. I hold myself accountable not only for my responsibilities but also other people responsibilities. I take ownership for making, keeping and being held accountable for my commitments. Another core value that I posses is family. Family is the most important thing in my life. If I don’t have my family I don’t have anything. My faith is what keeps me grounded here on earth. I have faith that there is a reason for everything and person in my life. My positive attitude is the one thing that gets me through the hardest days in life. Everyday I am faced with situations and have the choice to have a positive or negative attitude. I always look on the bright side of it. A positive attitude is everything. My last core value is responsibility. I have always taken on my responsibilities I feel that it is everyone job to deal head on with situations, so that is what has made me be the person that I am
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