Carole Gacy Case Study

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As his condition continued throughout the years, he was unable to hold a steady job, always blaming it on chest pains. John held many odd jobs such as being a Democratic Party candidate, and moving to Las Vegas to be a ambulance service provider for three months. One of the first early signs shadowing his future, Gacy worked at Palm Mortuary in Las Vegas in 1962, he was trying to save up his money to purchase a plane ticket back to Chicago. At the mortuary he slept in a bunk near the embalming room, where many of the bodies laid at rest before going to be put in the ground. The final night that Gacy worked at Palm mortuary, he was alone with a body of a young boy. He then proceeded to caress the body, and get in the coffin with him and cuddle.…show more content…
Gacy lured her with his smooth tactics, and eventually moved them into his home. Carole and her daughters complained of the deceased smell often, but Gacy would shrug it off and tell them that there must be a dead animal under the house. After only a few years of the two being married, they eventually drifted apart, and Carole began to grow suspicious of his homosexual behaviors. Carole found numerous magazines featuring nude men, which lead to Carole leaving him and filing for…show more content…
The bodies were decomposing, leaving many being unable to be unidentified. The bodies found in the river were soon linked to the Gacy case due to the similarity of items being stuffed in the mouths of the victims, and most of the driver’s licenses were in a box in the Gacy house. As the final body was found underneath the recreational room, the home cemetery was soon destroyed. The young boy who began this investigation, Robert Piest’s corpse was found downstream at Dresden Dam. Gacy soon came to the realization that his dark secret would be open to the world, so he finally confessed to killing over thirty young men. Gacy even tried getting investigators to believe that he was mentally ill, he told investigators that “there were four Johns,” giving the illusion that he suffered from a multiple personality disorder. Doctors and investigators soon denied that remark, making Gacy stable enough to stand on
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