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Whenever I signed up for Teresa Reed 's Honors English Composition class at Jacksonville State University, I was expecting 15 page long essays and research papers. My first day of class, I knew I was terribly mistaken. Dr. Reed introduced my class to a type of learning I have never been a part of called service project learning. A service project includes an individual donating his or her time to help others in need. Dr, Reed gave the class the freedom on decided which project we would like to do, as long as it connected to Wild by Cheryl Strayed. To decide on the event, each student wrote three different ideas and presented those ideas to each other. The listeners gave each feedback and the presenter narrowed his or her idea down to one. After everyone selected his or her event idea, we were placed into groups of about five. We discussed everyone 's proposal and narrowed it down to three out of the five. We then wrote a proposal for each of the three topics and presented those to the class. Our classmates provided up with pros and cons for each idea and helped us decide on the most plausible. For my group, we decided on a hike and camp out along the Chief…show more content…
My committee decided on hot dogs, assorted Cokes, Hugs, and popcorn. I also went to Wal-Mart and found the cheapest way to purchase the food and drinks. It took a short amount of time, but it was very important in order to move forward. Luckily, my committee has faced no challenges so far aside from deciding on a team name. We were able to smoothly transition throughout the entire process. As far the project goes, my hopes and expectations are that the event will be a success. My only fear would be we missed a very important detail in our work. Also, I am concerned the weather will not permit most of the outdoor activities and we would be stuck with only arts and crafts and face

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