Caroline Adderson Lives Of The House Analysis

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The experience from Caroline Adderson 's Reading and Reception session was really educational and provided excellent advice to younger writers like myself. During the introduction, a person introduced Caroline Adderson as a Canadian novelist and a short story writer. She studied at the University of British Columbia, receiving a degree in education in 1982. She also won many awards and prizes such as the Governor General 's Award, Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, and Marian Engel Award. As Caroline proceeded in reading her books, I realized she is very descriptive and talks in little fragments in order for the characters to fully develop. She also makes eye-contact with the audience and her books skip the unnecessary details. The first fiction…show more content…
As she moved on to a non-fiction novel called Vancouver Vanishes, she changes her style of voice. She read a chapter called Lives of the Houses. The narrative is organized and very focused onto an object. She also enters the character 's mind. Caroline also introduced historical contexts, while integrating her purpose and the view of its surroundings of how the shrine was built in 1925. I thought it was pretty unique as I get the full senses of what the character feels as if I was part of this novel. The last book Caroline chose was Jasper John Dooley 's Star of the Week. It was a children 's book, but it heavily emphasized on making it fun, catchy, short, and joyful that kids love to read. Her inspiration came from the feelings of writing to an actual experience and thinking of names that are memorable to her. While she told us that reading is a pleasure activity and not for a younger audience to learn from a lesson, she immediately got my attention. The reason was because in most children 's books I have read are all based on lessons, in which it made me stay away from reading because it was so boring. As the session ended, it made me rethink the importance of writing and reading and how different approaches can to lead to
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