Caroline Forbs: A Short Story

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Caroline Forbs, twenty four now living in Pennsylvania is a state police officer, it was what

her parents wanted for her. Caroline 's mother died in car crash when she was fourteen, her father

survived and that 's when Caroline decided she was going to be a police officer, not for herself but for

her now dead mother and her father. She didn 't like the idea of actually putting her life at risk

everyday but she was always told by her family and friends that she would be great at the job and

that she fits perfect for it. At age sixteen she got into volunteer work and by eighteen she was

working on her own thanks to her dad who knew the head chief and convinced him to let his

daughter in the force. Glenn, Caroline 's best friend,
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That 's where Glenn comes in, he 's been my

best friend since we were five. He 's my motivation, he keeps me going and pushes me out of my

comfort zone. I woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon cooking, which was odd because I live alone

other than with my cat Felix. I walk around the corner to see Glenn. That 's no surprise to me, he has

done this before when I get into these depressed times. It 's been seven months since I have killed

my father, but I 'm not about to admit that to Glenn, he just thinks I 'm depressed because I lost my

job and father in the same week. "There you are" Glenn says sliding a plate in front me and a cup of

coffee. He sits across the table in front of me and begins eating. "Caroline you haven 't even touched

any of your food, you 've just been staring at it." Glenn said as he puts his plate and mug into the

sink. "I know the perfect thing to cheer you up, you can come to work with me today instead of

laying around all day" "I guess so." Caroline says as she goes to get dressed. Glenn has already

taught Caroline everything she needs to know on being a
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She just actually

has to get up off her butt and make it happen, that 's what Glenn 's for, my motivator. I love going with

Glenn to investigate, I 'd rather like to go on my own but Glenn says I 'm still not stable enough be

going out on my own. I 'm actually not stable enough to do anything, I should be in some mental

hospital but I 'm not about to say that to Glenn. I look back now and wonder why I killed my father, I

really don 't know why I did that. I hate myself for it.

Caroline decided to go out on her own for once and go investigate the paranormal by herself.

Making her way through the fog, startled by a frog. She

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