Caroline's Wedding By Edwidge Danticat

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(Intro)-How would a whole generation live on, knowing they are hopeless from birth? That their home and culture were doomed from birth? Edwidge Danticat expresses hopelessness through the new generation being held back by the past generation. Utilizing Haitian stories, symbols, and motifs, Danticat demonstrates that the only hope for Haiti is for the new generation to leave and be free of the troubles of their homes and culture. She expresses the theme with beautiful language and memorable Haitian stories.

(Paragraph 1)-In the story, Caroline’s wedding, Danticat expresses the past clinging to the present with Caroline’s mother constantly trying to make Caroline and her sibling act more Haitian than American. One Sunday morning, Caroline’s
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Guy never wanted to end up like his father which by how the story explains their life, he has already ended up doing so. Trying to alter Guy’s poverty is hopeless. The owner of the factory Guy worked in had a hot air balloon, that Guy knows how to operate. One afternoon Guy takes the balloon and jumps, hoping his son would take the suicide as a lesson. A lesson to never end up like his own father. Guy wanted to take himself away from his son, so the burden would be reduced. Though no clear evidence is seen you can gather from the story that Guy thinks the same way the thesis states, That the old generation, will keep clinging to the present generation.

(Conclusion)-Haiti is far too down the hole for us to do anything about. The island is hopeless. This whole book and every word it contains shows the chaos and misfortune. From beginning to end, the book’s fluent words flow together to explain hardships and depressing tales. Why save nothing when you could save something? The culture of Haiti or any other country in such a state could always have just a portion saved through the younger generation. Telling tales of olden times, being taught traditions and simply learning family values. Haiti can live on through the
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