Caron Foods Case Study

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Caron Foods Inc. is a commercial food production company based in Barbados with subsidiaries in Guyana and Bermuda. The decentralized operations consist of a regional team of Operations, Logistic and Purchasing Managers in Guyana overseeing the operations team in Barbados. Caron Foods has a family culture where they behave as such. They eat, work, socialize and play sports together; therefore it is assumed that strong relationships were formed between many employees. The Operations Manager, Robert Thomas handles the day to day operations of the facility in Barbados. In the capacity as Operations Manager, his responsibilities include Production, Maintenance and Quality Control. The local operation has a departmentalization structure as well, consisting of Raw Material, Production, Maintenance, Quality and Purchasing. The Production Department comprises of forty two (42) employees. During production of the company’s ten (10) products, the work was further divided into six (6) work specialization or divisions of labour. They are cutting, processing, cooling and wrapping, packaging and storage. To get the final product, the Production Department operated in a semi-automatic, modern and efficient facility with two (2) production line systems utilizing twelve (12) employees per line. Maxine Cave worked in the Production Department for five (5) years. She portrayed a positive work attitude and her performance was exceptional. She became gravely ill which resulted in a number of

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