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Every crowd needs an influential leader to impact their lives and lead them through hardships. It takes a specific type of person to take this role. Dr. Caron Gray happens to be this specific type of person. She leads by example by always giving back, never failing to show compassion, and never giving up. Caron’s leadership by example has changed more lives than can be counted on all fingers and toes. Caron has had a life that has been filled with accomplishments. Starting with her graduation from medical school at Northwestern University, she was off to the Air Force to serve her country and continue her education. After leaving the Air Force, she stayed in Omaha and became a part of the Creighton University Medical Center team. In her 16 years at CUMC, she has moved up the ladder and began teaching residents at the hospital. Her leading by example has been crucial in her rise to success. She has recently become a professor and continues her leadership every day. Caron has become an advocate for the less fortunate in her years at the hospital. Dr. Gray also works at One World Community Health Center. This clinic is for women who cannot afford the health care from a hospital. With all of these accomplishments combined, Caron cannot help but leave a good impression on her residents.
Even when a person is on top,
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She shows that a little care can go much further than hate ever will. Her caring self can be seen when she is dealing with someone difficult, helping a person even if it is out of her way, or even just listening when a person needs to talk. This characteristic extends to residents and even coworkers because when they see their leader always stay compassionate, they cannot help but do the same. Her positive attitude is contagious to every single person she

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