Carpentry In School

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Most of the students today think of school as them being bored the entire day, or ridicules that they have to go. Although, with the right classes or activities, school does not have to be tedious, repetitive, or completely boring. A great activity offered by my school is carpentry. First, it is a great and honest way to relieve stress. Second, it is a perfect hobby for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Last, it is a good choice for a future job or even career. As can be seen, the one activity my school does offer that I very highly enjoy is carpentry. First of all, carpentry helps me vanquish all the stress that I often accumulate throughout the day. It lets me change up my routine to prevent becoming bored and getting stressed…show more content…
An employer will be more prone and willing to hire somebody with experience and skills, such as someone who has practiced and has done a certain action for their entire lifetime. It is a proven fact that, a skilled carpenter makes a higher salary and has a higher profit annually than a doctor or lawyer ever could make. Carpentry is a great trade for me to learn early if I want to be a carpenter as a long-term occupation or lifetime career, which can also be said for everyone else too. As I have stated, carpentry will give me great credit as a reference for my future profession. In conclusion, carpentry is the one activity that my school offers that I actually enjoy. It works wonders as a stress reliever. It is a perfect hobby for everyone to enjoy who decides to have an interest in it. It can also increase my chances for a successful, life fulfilling career. When I signed up for carpentry, I never thought I would hate to be late for school or absent from school. I guess it just takes the right activity for someone to feel like I do now. The rest of my school years and days will no longer be boring, long, or tiring to me, thanks to my option I chose that my school offered to
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