Carpophorus Research Paper

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dhdhdhdhdhhhhhdhdhhhhhhhhhyufrtdr5 Saint Callistus was born a slave to the owner named Carpophorus who was a Christian in the household of Caesar. Carpophorus gave money to Callistus to open up a bank. The bank took in various deposits and a number of loans. Since no one payed the bank back, it eventually went bankrupt. In result of the bankruptcy Callistus fled the area to avoid punishment from his owner. He was then caught and brought back to Carpophorus. The depositors then begged for his life thinking that he didn 't lose the money but he just stole the money and hid it. The depositors were wrong, he didn 't steal the money, the bank just went bankrupt. In result of being caught he was then sent to the Tin Mines. When Callistus was

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