Carrefour Case Study Solution

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Carrefour is a French-based hypermarket and supermarket chain that has stores through Europe and Asia with their two largest markets being France and China. Carrefour is trying to overhaul their French hypermarket business while also they are working on expanding online retail in a bid to compete with Amazon (Vidalon). Alexandre Bompard the CEO of Carrefour is going to invest 2.8 billion euros in digital commerce, part of which will be used to expand their online food retail (Vidalon). The plan of the company is moving away from a focus in the hypermarket business to online retail to compete with giant Amazon. Carrefour sees the trend and is attempting to get ahead of the economic swing from hypermarket stores to online retail. Carrefour knows that it has the distribution network from having had a network of distribution centers for its hypermarket stores, so the company knows that they can compete with the likes of Amazon. Carrefour’s reliance on the French hypermarket sales will need to be lessened or hard times are ahead for the company which is the second largest retailer in the world (Vidalon). Amazon has been hurting Carrefour’s business plan and their hypermarket stores. Carrefour is responding by attempting to invest into their ecommerce ecosystem and capture some of the market it has lost to Amazon. This is the right move for the company, since the hypermarkets, supermarkets, and the smaller convenience stores they are now operating cannot compete with the

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