Carrie Chapman Catt Analysis

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Freedom For All! Alice Paul and Carrie Chapman Catt showed very similar objectives to a very similar cause. Both Paul and Catt wanted women’s suffrage, but both had a different point of view. Catt believed in a low-key strategy, but Paul believed in a more public protest ways. Catt showed that even a low-key strategy can prove to be more safe, and just as convincing as protesting was and probably even more. Catt overall shown that there are better ways to handle anything.

First, Catt believed in a more low-key strategy that would eventually force Congress to establish women’s right to vote. Most of the West would already allow women’s suffrage, but Catt made it to where it became a federal amendment to where all states allowed voting for everyone. She wanted a more peaceful way to establish women’s suffrage, and she achieved what she wanted. Catt went to New York, and made it to where it allowed the highest number of protesters to ever support women’s suffrage,

Next, Catt may not have protested a lot like Alice Paul did, but she had other ways of convincing the
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By everyone realizing this it pushed others to not let the government decide what was best for them, and to fight back and establish women’s suffrage. Paul gained a lot of supporters much to the same amount Carrie Catt did. By both of them having this many supporters Congress was then convinced to ratify this new amendment.

In conclusion, Catt made an important part in history to show that all women have the right to vote. She even showed that all protest don’t have to be done in a way that allowed danger to happen to others. Catt showed that just steadily increasing the rise to women’s suffrage and even a simple petition can cause so much help for a cause. By Catt doing so she made to where all women can vote today in our modern
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