Carrie The Musical Play Analysis

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This Halloween, I went and saw Carrie The Musical at the Brunish Theatre in downtown Portland. I was seated near the front row, so I was able to be very close to the actors. All the actors seemed very confident on the stage; their motions were swift and steady, and their voices were loud enough for everyone in the audience to hear. The music was composed by Academy Award winner Michael Gore, and the lyrics were written by Academy Award winner Dean Pitchford.
The play revolves around the plot of Stephen King’s first novel, Carrie. Set in Chamberlain, Maine, Carrie White is a high school student, who is severely bullied by her peers. Specially, Carrie is bullied by the “popular” crowd. However, home isn’t so good either, because Carrie currently resides with her overly religious, domineering mother. Soon enough, after a series of unfortunate events, Carrie discovers that she has a special, supernatural power, and begins to use it to her advantage.
The acting wasn’t perfect, but nevertheless, it wasn’t absolutely horrific. It was clear that all the cast members cared greatly about their roles, and each actor seemed to fit their character comfortably. Occasionally, I did think to myself that the actress playing the role of Carrie’s
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The play itself would have been a lot more captivating if the director would have focused more on Carrie White’s supernatural powers, rather than the “high school is a rough time” aspect with bullying and cliques and whatnot. The story of Carrie is about a misfit teenage girl who suffers from abuse at home and at school, and discovers that she has a power she can use to manipulate the people who have wronged her. The original story written by Stephen King is considered a tragedy or horror fiction, and this play felt more like a cliché teen drama. Overall, the director and actors put a lot of effort into this show, which is something that we all should
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