Carrie Underwood Persuasive Essay

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If I could live a day as any celebrity of my choice, I would most definitely choose Carrie Underwood. I would select her for several reasons. The reasons include her bold faith and enormous heart. The other reasons would be her inspirational story and lifestyle. One of the biggest reasons for me choosing Carrie, is that she is a devout Christian who grew up in a small Baptist church in Muskogee, Oklahoma. I admire how Carrie is not ashamed of her faith and will speak publicly about it, unlike several other celebrities and singers in this generation. Recently, Carrie performed at a Christian conference called Passion. When I heard of her attending and performing live, my respect for her grew immensely. I loved hearing about Carrie using her God-given talent to bring honor to Him. Another reason as to why I picked Carrie Underwood, is her enormous heart for others. Carrie is a quite self-less celebrity compared to many in the…show more content…
Her impressive story of hard work and success proves that anyone’s dreams can come true if the person is willing to put forth the effort and dedication required to achieve their goal. Carrie started out on American Idol in 2005 and resulted in becoming one of the first American Idol winners. She took the steps necessary for following her aspirations and now she is one of the largest names in country music. Her story is a reminder that persevering and overcoming obstacles will eventually pay off. It also reveals that dreams can become reality if the effort is applied.

Carrie Underwood is my favorite celebrity by far because she is an amazing person to look up to. She is constantly placing others before herself and keeping God number one in her personal life. Her life story is an enormous motivation for girls everywhere. There is not another single human being that I would rather be for a single
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