Carrie's Monologue

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The rain poured heavily and it only made me more anxious. The clock didn't work on this old Mustang but the night has fallen on the windy city and I worried for her. She was my adopted bundle of joy and tragedy. Her mother's spitting image to be redundant. I drove circles with the high and mighty Willis tower standing tall with judgment. I lit a cigarette and drove to the old apartment complex. It was the same complex we left to escape the sorrow. Her mother finally ended it all right on the crib of our second stillborn child. Two in a row and Shelly felt she failed as woman. What a fool! I will not deny it. I hid my grief and guilt with pity for my dead wife. Yet the apathy grew stronger when I looked right in the hazel eyes of Carrie. I…show more content…
The following month we still felt empty. We took in Carrie who was even hungrier for adventure. We were a happy and we took a chance with Carrie and it paid off. She could have been a rebellious troublemaker that could have made our life a living hell but instead she matched our quirks and was ready to join our antics. Another chance I needed to take. I could have another heartbreak but I needed to tell Carrie the truth. Shelly had no fault and neither does she. We can't forget her but we will always have the memories. We could do it all over again, this time just me and Carrie in honor of Shelly. The late nights painting, the pranks on Mrs. Barkley, and the search for a new family member. I stood tall ready to take a spear thru my heart if necessary if it meant getting my girl back. I looked all over the place but the only discovery was that the graffiti in this building was sprayed with Shelly's old art supplies that we left abandoned in a roach infested closet. I kicked the walls in ire. Just when I was ready to retreat in self-pity, Ms. Barkley was in the hallway with her arms…show more content…
The soaking rain only made feel cold and forsaken vulnerable for an attack. I couldn't give up. At least not with out trying. With every step, I took the night seem calmer. It was my chance. I dashed towards Carrie who was shaking the cans at the edge of the building. I pulled her to the hard concrete knocking out a lamp. “What the hell are doing here Huey?!” she cried. I looked her dead in the eyes. “I'll ask the same damn thing,” I said sternly. “I'm getting a better look at the city but you broke the lamp. Now I can't see shit!” she complained. The rained stop. There was an uncomfortable silence. I held her hand thigh. She looked puzzled as if I never was affectionate towards her. Almost scared. You scared the living hell out of me. You know Mr. Barkley complains about everything . What are you doing here again?” I asked a little calmer. She points at Shelly's mural painted on the storage shack. “I had a feeling in my gut that if I didn't finish it tonight. It would never be finished at all,” she said. The Willis tower was half painted with a half smudges. “You know, Barkley thought you were gonna kill yourself. She was pretty excited,” I taunted. She grinned and stood

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