Carrietta N. White Bully

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The biggest fear that many students around the world attempt to avoid is to be physically and emotionally damaged. The goal is to blend in with well-respected classmates and to fit in with others. Although, to those who do not achieve this goal, they are usually targeted by an immature bully. However, an average bully is able to create a more fierce bully within an innocent victim. Perhaps a monster is enraged and caged inside of everyone. In fact, one of the reasons a monster is able to be set-free from a cage is by a key; a key that a bully possesses. “They laughed at me… they always laughed at me” (King 20) stated by Carrie in Stephen King’s novel, Carrie. Carrietta N. White is a victim of bullying at Thomas Ewen Consolidated High School.…show more content…
Approximately, 11:19 a.m. both shooters began to kill innocent students and targeted victims that were “athletes, minorities and Christians” ( It has been contemplated that the shooters were triggered to pull such a catastrophe, because “the two committed the killings because they had been bullied, were members of a group of social outcasts that was fascinated by Goth culture…” ( It is declared that this tragedy resulted in 24 people injured and the death of 13 people by the hands of students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, which both had immediately committed suicide right after succeeding their plan. The excessive bullying had driven the pair to insanity, which had led their inner monster to cry evil thoughts. Similar to Carrie, she had developed evil thoughts of her own, such as, “Imagine, Chris Hargensen all bloody and screaming for mercy, with rats crawling all over her face. Good. Good. Crash in her head with a rock, with a boulder. Crash in all their hearts. Good. Good. That would be good” (King 25). It is evident that the Columbine incident was a lesson to be learned from, that bullying can lead someone insane and that it needs to be stopped for a better society. This incident was a more realistic situation parallel to the fictional horror story of
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