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Isela Ramirez Mr. Snape English 03 March 2016 Research Paper The Mexican drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes was considered Mexico’s most powerful drug trafficker in the 90s which was beneficial to Mexico, but also gave a lot more problems and turned Mexico into a war zone. Born on December 17, 1956 Amado Carrillo Fuentes made a big impact on Mexico. He came from the small town of Navolato, Sinaloa and became a powerful drug trafficker in the 90s (Susan E. Reed). Much of his life was a mystery. Everybody knew about him, but almost nobody spoke about him. He was nicknamed, “El Señor de Los Cielos” the lord of the skies. This was because he had a very special tool that got him to his success in the trafficking business. He was to later become…show more content…
Forbes released an article stating that Amado Carrillo had a net worth of twenty five billion dollars. Some say that this money was not beneficial in any way to Mexico, but others can prove them wrong. According to a Washington post article by John Ward Anderson titled: After Death, Kingpin’s life is An Open Book, Carrillo Fuentes behaved more like a businessman than a drug trafficker. He controlled his business very well and used his money to his advantage. He needed protection from the government so he would use his money to bribe officials. (Anderson). During his last years of life, Carrillo was starting to be sought after not only by the Mexican government, but also by the American government so he had to find a way to become unseen…show more content…
(Anderson, 3) This was all just to get the government workers to stay quiet about Carrillo’s whereabouts. It got to a point where Carrillo and his cartel came under increasing pressure from the Mexican anti-drug forces. The Univision article written by Manuel Juarez states that the defense secretary of Mexico at the time and other government officials were offered a payment of 60 million dollars as a bribe. With this bribe, Carillo left a down payment of 6 million dollars as a gesture to the government officials. (Juarez) Alrhough, these are only a few bribes that we know about. Carrillo even with his drug business also managed to help the community people a lot. There are many sources that can confirm that Carrillo was very generous with his money especially towards the churches. The article titled: After Death, Kingpin’s Life Is an Open Book, written by John Anderson, it talks about how many church officials from local churches in Mexico confirmed Carrillo 's generous donations. Carrillo was even seen in a picture with a priest from Mexico in Jerusalem in the year 1995. This showed his close relationship with people of the Catholic
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