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Carrot mask is the best way to heal acne as it provides extra vantages of lessening the pigmentation and brightening the skin complexion. Since carrot is rich in Carotenoids, vitamins, essential oils and many other antioxidant properties, it is thus used to treat many skin problems.

Carrot can be eaten raw or can be consumed in the form of carrot juice to improve skin conditions. Paste of carrot pulp can also be made by adding lemon juice and pure honey to it.

Apply this paste over affected area and massage it for 10 minutes. Leave it to dry and then clean it after 30 minutes with water. Repeat this for a week to get beautiful and glowing acne free skin.


Take 8-10 almonds and soak them in milk overnight. Peel off the skin
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Green tea ice cubes can be used to treat pimples by rubbing it on them for at least thrice a day.

This remedy with lead to soothing of the skin and at the same time will clear it from acne. We can also drink Green tea to prevent pre aging and wrinkles and also to prevent formation of acne.

Green tea mask can also be made by mixing green tea powder with facial ingredients. This mask has to be put on for 15 to 20 minutes for effective results.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E oil is effective as an all night spot reducing treatment. Vitamin E along with being a moisturizer also has an anti-oxidant effect that curbs the free radical action on the skin that results in aging and dark spots.

Nature’s very alovera pulp:

Nature’s very own aloe Vera pulp works wonders on the skin. Orange and lemon peel powder. Mix dried orange and lemon peels powder with rose water and apply the paste on the black spot on skin. The citric acid in it will work its magic on your skin.

Cucumber and squeeze:

Grate a cucumber and squeeze out its juice and add it to curd for natural bleach. These ingredients will not make your spots miraculously disappear in a day. However regular application will not only heal the spots faster, but also improve the overall texture of your

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