Carry The Rock Analysis

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The main plot line of Carry the Rock revolves around Little Rock Central High’s football team in the 2007 season. Coached by Bernie Cox, the team is undoubtedly having some unusual difficulties in many areas; nevertheless, I predict that they will not only make it to state, but also at the very least the semifinals. Conversely, there are many events in the story that contradict my opinion. For example, Cox and the rest of the coaching staff note that this team is somewhat divided. Cox recalls that in 2004, the football team’s best season since the turn of the century, all of the players were really good friends; they went to each other’s houses on the weekends and regularly talked and joked around in practice. Unfortunately, the current team…show more content…
Speaking of failed plays, Cox regularly criticizes his offense for failing to field an effective attack. Rankin has fumbled the ball on too many occasions, especially considering that he is the captain, the center sometimes snaps the ball too high for Rankin to catch, and so on. Inherently, with the amount of criticism incoming from Cox and the lack of a proper leader on the team, Little Rock Central High School’s football team is lacking in the inspiration and enthusiasm department. On a regular basis, Cox has to acknowledge the fact that some of these guys value their XBox or temporary girlfriends or freetime above football. With all that seems to be going against the odds of the Little Rock Tigers going to state, I still maintain that I think they can win. For one, Cox is a legendary and experienced coach, rather than the raving old man that Jennings sometimes portrayed him to be. The man has been coaching for somewhere in the league of thirty to forty years, so there definitely is a method to his madness. One detail that he kept from his years of coaching was his conditioning regimen: “ten in ten” for ten laps (up and down) on the bleachers’ stairs in ten…show more content…
Another fact that is apparent with the Tigers going into the regular season is their history. Historically, they are ranked as one of the top, if not the top high school in the state for football. Granted, that does not mean anything for the current team, but one must also take into account the fact that the Tigers were ranked number one in the state coming out of the preseason. Contrary to Cox’s belief that they would slack off upon learning that they are the top team, Jennings observes that more players are starting to apologize for their past actions and become more dedicated. Even Cox himself admits that he sees more enthusiasm in the team when they go out to practice; the plays are more refined and tactical, the talk is more cordial, etc. For these reasons, with all that is against the Tigers going into the regular season, I believe that they can really go far this
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