Cars Should Be Allowed To Use Cars

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Although we live in a society where cars are thought to be necessary, as time goes on, less and less people are interested in getting a license. There are many advantages of limiting car usage. There are easier, more efficient ways to get from point a to point b by skating, riding a bus or a bicycle. Worldwide there have been experiments where a community would be banned from the use cars in order to reduce smog. In Bogota, Colombia a program was created where people have been prohibited to use their cars while only allowing buses or taxis. This results in, less pollution in the environment and for people to reduce stress by hiking, walking or taking buses. It is more efficient for civilizations to limit car usage because it reduces stress, greenhouse gases, and there are more inexpensive ways of traveling.…show more content…
According to the article, “In German Suburb, Life Goes On Without Cars” it states that in Vauban, Germany where most families do not own cars have found themselves to be less stressed. Thus, showing that societies should limit their how often they utilize cars because they don’t have to worry about putting gas into their car or the daily traffic. Another factor to cars causing stress is that cars are very expensive. “As of April 2013, the number of miles driven per person was nearly 9 percent below the peak and equal to where the country was in January 1995.” The reason for this is that “cash-strapped Americans” do not have enough money to buy brand new cars (Rosenthal). Nowadays, people prefer to ride a bike or walking to a certain place because cars have become too expensive to pay; they have to pay for insurance, gasoline, and damages if an accident occurs. Biking or walking to your destination provides exercise and is

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