Summary Of Mis-Education Of The Negro By Carter Godwin Woodson

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Carter Godwin Woodson remains a legendary figure among black scholars, especially in the field of Afro-American history. He initiated the annual celebration of the Negro history, which marked a stride in an attempt to eliminate racial based discrimination. Woodson’s commitment to scholarly work was formidable. For instance, he pioneered research work on Negro migration, history of nonprofessional’s, the mind of the Negro, and Negro’s orations. His numerous work shed light on the extent of economic exploitation, cultural isolation, and segregation that dominated the society. The Mis-Education of the Negro is one of the controversial books by Woodson, which attempts to convince the blacks in America that they have accepted white domination as the consequence of being brainwashed.
Woodson’s arguments in the book The Mis-Education of the Negro are solid, convincing, and applicable in the contemporary world. Some of the issues mentioned in the book, which were facing the African-Americans, are still relevant today. When the
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The history of the blacks is neglected in African-Americans classrooms, resulting in the development of an inferior feeling among the blacks. In chapter two of the book, Woodson states that education in American schools drifted from the truth when it started conditioning the blacks to admire the Greeks, British, and Romans. Consequently, the African-Americans developed a belief that they have a lower intellectual ability. The mindset is still present in the contemporary United States. For instance, business started by the black people are not well received in the locality they intend to serve. This issue can be related to the story cited in the book; whereby, Woodson refers to the black employees who questioned the authority of an African-American
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