Carthage And Carthage Similarities

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HIST 1421 Unit 5 Written Assignment University of the People Introduction In the beginning Rome and Carthage coexisted, but expansionist ambitions of both states lead inevitably first to competition, and eventually to war. (Morey, 1901) This paper will explore how very similar Carthage and Rome were in many regards. Each had its strengths, and used these strengths in quite remarkable ways to gain advantage over the other. The paper will also address how Rome became a naval power, and in this way eventually emerging victorious over the Carthaginians. Discussion Carthage and Rome were the two greatest Mediterranean powers, and shared similar governmental structures. Rome’s senate was comparable to Carthage’s council of elders, and its consuls to Carthage’s sulfates, consisting of two chief magistrates. Both had similar assemblies as well (Morey, 1901). What differentiated them most according to Morey in terms of government, were Rome’s policies on conferring citizenship. This should indeed be considered a strength of Rome, as its collected body of citizens played a role in Rome’s success against Carthage later on. For example, in supplying the massive work force necessary to build a navy basically from scratch, and at a very accelerated rate (Gabriel, 2007). Carthage did not nurture relationships with the populations it conquered in the same way as Rome, and thus they did not achieve masses of loyal subjects willing to fight and work for them. As a consequence, Carthage was
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