Carthage Became Almost The Equal Of Rome Essay

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Title: How Carthage Became Almost the Equal of Rome
Patrick Osas Edogiawere
University of the People

During the time Carthage battled with Rome, they both had some respects and similar kind of government as the Roman republic. According to Morey William C. (1901), highlights that they had two chief magistrates also known as called “suffetes,” relating to the Roman consuls. The Carthage had a council of elders, known as the “hundred,” which we might compare to the Roman senate. They also had an assembly similar to the Roman comitia. But while the Carthaginian government had some outside differences to the Roman, it was in its spirit very different. Therefore, this essay shows the how Carthage became almost the equal of Rome.

Carthage formerly a great power in the ancient world was one of the places where people wanted to reside, but Carthage started out as a major power. It was civilization that brought Carthage great glory whereas the people that were using new ideas or methods went out into the sea into new geographic area Morey William C. (1901). At an unspecified later time, the Carthaginian people had control over the Mediterranean Sea through their
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(1901) tells that Carthage was the land of a good chance for advancement located today in northern part of Tunisian near the Mediterranean Sea. In the beginning, they had very little geographic area and were free from flaw with huge powers around them, making Carthage move out around the sea which ends up in the creation trading routs to islands and other lands next to sea Morey William C. (1901). Through their trading, Carthage became very wealthy and brought in many people to live. For that reason, the city waxes strong and grew fast that lead to innovation for housing and infrastructure. They started building houses with the use of lime stone as main materials, they also had good sanitation where they had running water and swear
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