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A human’s body may appear to be a simple form, but nonetheless it is complex with trillions of living organisms working together to keep the individual alive and moving. Many of the composites that keep the individual movements are the cartilages, bones, and joints. Cartilage is divided into three classifications with the same function, but with their own specific functions as well. Bones, which protect the internal organs, are in many different categories based on the appearance of the bones. Joints are divided into different categories depending on the motion it allows the group of bones to do. While the cartilages, bones, and joints protect the internal body and allows the individual to move around comfortably, they are vulnerable…show more content…
The function is split off to the three types of cartilages in the body. The first one is the hyaline cartilage, which is located on the walls of large respiratory passages, which include the larynx, the trachea, the bronchi, and many more where an articular surface is needed. It may appear a bluish- white, translucent color with it being composed of chondrocytes and the extracellular matrix. The purpose of the hyaline cartilage is to allow a smoother and easier passage for tissues to move over each other. Elastic cartilage is located in the epiglottis, the auricle of the ear, and the corniculate cartilages in the larynx. Appearance wise, the elastic cartilage has a yellowish tint to it. The primary function of this subset of cartilage is to withstand repeated bending force that has been applied to said location. Lastly, fibrocartilage is found in the intervertebral discs and the symphis pubis. The appearance of the fibrocartilage is similar to that of dense connective tissue and any kind of cartilage. The fibrocartilage is responsible to being the bones’ shock

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