Carving In Possibilities Deena Larsen Analysis

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Deena Larsen is a new media author who is known for making structural patterns in hypermedia literature. Her electric literature, ‘Carving in Possibilities’, has a low hot medium. The medium is the message and it is a way that an author introduces human affairs and the speed. By hot medium, I mean that the medium uses one or more senses in ‘ “high definition” ‘ [1] . High definition means that it is filled with data and it makes the reader do less work. “ I think that Carving in Possibilities’ has a hot medium because it contains many senses. It uses a low quality image that turns into a high quality one with the help of the audience. Larsen’s poem also uses lyrics. It also has sound effects every time the audience reads a new line. It also uses internet, instead of print, which is accessible to most of the world right now.…show more content…
I state this because even though there are many media in the poem, the audience has to participate by moving the mouse and thinking. For example, questions like “What ghosts are you hiding from?”, and deep thoughts like “I am your soul, trapped.”, make the audience think. A genre is a type of literature. According to Abrams classification of genres, Larsen’s ‘Carving in Possibilities’ can belong to the drama genre. The poem is a drama because the characters are the speakers in the poem. The line, “We waited as the wind blew in our hair. We did not know where to run.”, sounds like a person discussing a situation they were in. Other examples, like “I knew only before” and “I am your mystery.” seem like different characters speaking. Another proof that this poem can be a drama is because the lines are differents colors. It is a possibility that each color represents a different
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