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This movie has created in the year 1955 by Douglas Sirk and has been watched over again many times. It is quite an interesting movie as it has brought out the truth faced by many women at the time. Cary has been used in many parts of the scenes to show the kind of life lived by women in the suburbs. Cary has shown how her life is regulated as compared to the men. There are many objects that Sirk used to depict this. The props, which are mostly mirrors and windows in her room, are used to show this. When she is in her room, she happily welcomes her children to the room. This is however, not the reality as depicted by the mirrors when the children are unaware of it . The cinematography at this point focusses on giving the viewers the divergent…show more content…
It is because of this that Frank is caught up in a relationship that he does not feel satisfied in. At the time, he was seen to be living a normal life by working a decent job and having a loving family. A key moment in this movie is when he was working in his office overtime just to keep away from his family. He then decides to go for a movie but ends up in a bar . The bar is located in the basement, and then he sees a gay couple openly showing love for each other. It is at this moment that he decides that enough is enough, and he can pursue his desires as he pleases. The sound track at this point tells how emotional he could have felt about what he was seeing. The fact that the bar is located at a basement shows how illegal it was to have such desires expressed openly. The lighting at this scene is also evidence of not having an environment that is free for all. The green color has been used to light scenes that have been considered to be forbidden. The night setting of the scene also contributes to the fact that such activities at the time, took place at odd times, where many people are not able to notice them. This shows the bondage in which the people of different sexual orientation were going through at the time. Although the movie was released in 2002, the equipment and angles used to shoot the movie is a clear replica of the

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