Carys And Don's Reconcilable Differences

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This case study is inspired by a real couple. Their names have been changed to protect their identities. The major events in this case study are actual events and the outcome is accurate to real life; however, how they got to where they did is a complete mystery to me. I would like to think that they read Reconcilable Differences.
Carys and Don are a young couple in their early 20’s. He is currently at basic training in the army and she is living with her mother and raising their 8 month old son. This happy young couple seem to be completely normal: in love and head over heels for each other, and a picture of the American dream. They frequently profess their love for one another and post adorable family photos on social media websites. They are both looking forward to when he graduates from basic training so that they can finally live together. Even though they seem perfect on the surface, they have a secret.
The couple met in tenth grade and instantly liked each other. Although they did not date right away, they became close friends. Both of their parents were divorced. They both grew up watching their parent’s interact in an extremely dysfunctional way (Observational learning, Psych 101 principle). Carys’s father was
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Carys liked how Don was a “bad boy.” He would tell stories of going pool hopping in neighbor’s back yards late at night after curfew, and how he once got caught streaking by a police man and danced around naked yelling, “Yeah, you like this?” Don liked Carys because she was real and honest with him. She was also quite attractive to him and shared a similar secret party lifestyle with him. Carys’s mother did not approve of their relationship and so they often snuck out to each other’s houses late at night. Carys would say she was going to her father’s house for the weekend but instead spend all weekend with Don in his room; both of them hiding that she was there from his

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