Casa De Cafe Value Chain Analysis

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The most important part of Casa de Café‘s value chain is: Customized coffee products and relaxing and cosy environment with cushioned wooden furniture that give the essence of a well decorated drawing room for a perfect relaxing time. This is so because the ultimate distinguishable value that is added to the product being sold is its customer orientation in every possible way that gives the ultimate delight to the consumer – from having the perfect blend of one’s choice of coffee to the ambience offered to consumer within the house. Starting with the basis of value chain, it will consist of the following: Figure 1: Four Links to a simple Value Chain Designing of the product – i) Customized coffee and milk shake products will have the following…show more content…
Production – One of the primary issue of Production will be getting the correct quality of the wide range of products at the correct price and building a sustainable supply chain. This will require a study of each of the products mentioned for customization. However the main concern is to bargain a fair price for the coffee beans and tea leaves which will be the key raw materials. This brought us to check for the auction prices for tea and…show more content…
We would rely on subtleness in our marketing strategy and a large amount of the initial popularity needs to be through social networking and through word-of-mouth of college and office going folks who might visit our café and get acquainted with our great service and innovation. b) Better service and conveyance High-Speed Wi-Fi, charging ports along with each alternate table will be some of the few amenities given to the customer in order to enhance customer experience. One expert in each coffee shop will also be included as consumers might need advice on taste preference. We will also have a ready-made set of products too. c) On-Premise Advertising This includes large windows revealing the inside space, menus displayed outside, decorations and also tables for people who prefer to seat

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