Casa Hogar Los Angelitos Research Paper

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Casa Hogar los Angelitos (Home for Little Angles)
Casa Hogar los Angelitos (CHLA) is an orphanage located in Manzanillo, Mexico. Currently home to 55 children ranging from 5 months to 23 years old. I was fortunate to visit CHLA for the first time in October of 2002. Prior to visiting CHLA I envisioned a place that was uncompassionate and industrial, as insinuated by the word orphanage. I quickly discovered I was very wrong. Children who call Casa Hogar los Angelitos home, are given the opportunity to excel in school, and express themselves through art, and dance.
Attending school is not enforced or required in many regions of Mexico. As a result many children do not start school like children in the United States do. When children come into CHLA many have had little or no education. In this case, they work with tutors so that they are able to enroll in their designated class. This has been a major emphasis for the Casa Hogar since opening in 1996. Many children catch up quickly, while others take more time. This can be a reflection of their lack of exposure to learning or a result of more serious developmental delays.
The art program that was established in 2002 is a result
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Along with the opportunity to participate in the dance program comes the lesson of discipline. The dance program requires a commitment of ninety minute practices Monday-Friday and a four hour practice every Saturday. Not only do the children learn discipline through coaching and practice, they must also keep their grades at or above a “B” average. The group began performing at festivals in the local area which gained them lots of positive recognition. In 2009, they were invited to the United States to perform in several cities in Colorado. Following their original invitation in 2009, they have since traveled and performed in Iowa, Canada, and a second tour in
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