Casablanca Film Analysis

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1. The film Casablanca was released during World War II in 1942. Some have argued that some of the themes and plot points of the film can be read as propaganda. Do you agree or disagree? Does Casablanca have a political message? I could agree with both, the reason why i could do so was because maybe the one who had the idea of the movie was touched by what was happening in those years and felt that creating a movie within that era could be of a symbol. I also think that the director was trying to tell people or show them that this is what life looks like, giving them time to think of what 's really happening. 2. In the scene where Ilsa tries to get Rick to give her the papers, there are several shots that focus on Ilsa as she tells Rick the truth about Paris (time code 1:23: 27). Describe the technical aspects (lighting, focus, camera angle, and so on) the filmmaker chose to use when creating the close-ups of Ilsa. What effects do these technical aspects have? How do they contribute to the progression of Ilsa 's character? When isla threatened to shoot rick if he didn 't give her the papers, the scenes and lighting that was used focused on the expressions that they were giving off. For example, isla was just standing there looking frightened to even think about shooting rick because she still loved him. And then when they do the close ups of Isla when she is telling rick the true story of what happened, the zoom in on her face to show the intensity of the conversation. 3.
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