Casablanca Short Story

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In 2012, at Casablanca, two cousins - Kenza and Doha - were more than best friends. Actually, they were like sisters because they would do everything together and tell each other everything. Such as: sleeping over at each other’s house almost every day, eating together, going out together, and even showering together. Kenza was older than Doha by 4 years, she was 24 years old. Doha is tall, brunette, and curvy; but, they always called her naive. On the other hand, Kenza was not tall neither short and had plumped lips with tall dark chocolate hair. Doha’s mother was Kenza’s aunt, so even their mothers were sisters. They would always meet at their grandma’s house.
One day, the two cousins were sitting in the living room at their grandma’s house. They were just gossiping on the neighborhood guys. Kenza asked: “Do you have a crush on one of the guys ?” Doha replied: “If you tell me I’ll tell you.” They both and agreed and said at the same time: “Mehdi Soubaity!” The girls got surprised and started laughing, even though they both got uncomfortable from the inside. After a week, Kenza threw a party at her vast, modern villa and invited all her friends and neighborhood
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She felt ugly, betrayed, and not on her element. After 2 hours of thinking, she decided to go visit a witch known for black magic in a small town outside of the city. The witch opened the door and asked (in a rough voice): “ what can I help you with?” Kenza explained to her that she had a crush on a guy and he proposed to her cousin for marriage in her house. The witch started laughing and said: “Hmm..should we kill her or kill him?” Kenza answered: No!No! I just don’t want them to get married, I want Doha to lose her mind until he starts hating her.” The witch agreed and asked for a strand of Doha’s hair and a picture of her smiling. Kenza brought both items to the witch and waited for the

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