Mandatory Measles Vaccination Case Study

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Case 1: Mandatory Measles vaccination: 1- What are the values, ethical principles, and rights that come into conflict in this case? First, let us go through measles, measles is a viral infectious disease, which is a highly contagious and can spread fast from person to person via air droplets and it can lead to many complications, disability or even death. Therefore, the emergence of an outbreak of measles in any area (a historic region in Spain) must be considered as an emergency public health problem, which can affect the whole country if not prevented. As per Childress et al. (2002), public health, concerns for the protecting/preventing of disease and promoting the health of the whole population/community and not only for the individuals. In facing measles outbreak in Spain the government changed…show more content…
2- Select older youth who are from the same community but are not familiar with the participants. 3- Assign a supervisor with more experience in research to each group of interviewers. 6- How do relationships of power influence the application of informed consent procedures specifically, in this context? a- The UNRWA and other NGOS: They may affect the voluntariness of participants to consent. That means that, because UNRWA has an influence in giving services to refugees so the refugees will consent without even asking the reason of the research because of fear to lose such benefits. b- The older youth may influence the participants to consent when they familiar to them. c- Parents can influence their children to assent positively or negatively because in such patriarchal families, children always obey the order of their parents. d- Community and religious leaders may influence the consent of the parents and the assent of children positively or negatively through distributing positive or negative information about the research project. 7- What steps can be taken to minimize the effects of

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