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1. lighting remain consistent, gives a great deal of light, and can be controlled and adjusted and continuous light has several drawbacks the lights heat up and another is that the lights aren´t balanced with the daylight it needs to adjusted to the white balance to correct the colors.
2. How can the time of day affect an outdoor photograph? The time of the day affects outdoor photography because the weather may interfere with the type of photograph you want to capture. The natural lighting creates a great photographs.
3. What are continuous lights? What advantages and disadvantages do they have? Continuous lights remain on and are inexpensive and you can see the shadows and highlights that they will make on the subject of the photograph before
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Why do photographers use umbrellas? What benefits do they offer? Photographers use umbrella because the strobe lights can often appear strong the umbrella works for many reasons and are different depending on what type of photograph you want capture used either to diffuse light by reflective diffusion, or shoot-through diffusion. Reflective diffusion: A flash light is fired directly into the underside of a black umbrella with a white or silver lining. The light is reflected back on the scene.
6. Why is it important to use artificial lighting for most indoor portraits? It’s important to use artificial lighting for indoor portraits because there are decision to make about where you’d want you lighting placed and there are different types of them.
7. What do you think is the most challenging aspect of working with light in photography? How can you try to reduce this challenge? The most challenging with working with light is that there are many types of different lighting depending on what type of photograph you decide to go for. A way to reduce this challenge is to practice with different types of lighting and test how each work.
8. Have you ever taken a photograph or had your photograph taken in a studio? What was the experience like? How did lighting play a role in the photograph? I have never captured a photograph in the studio so i can’t really speak from experience but from what ive seen lighting plays a big role because that what mostly brings out the
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