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omplete Name: Unit 4 Student Name: Burns, Gregory ********************************************************************************************************** 1. What is your style of developing others? Are you a shaman, a priest, an elected leader, a missionary, or a mystic healer in your approach to teaching? How did you develop your style? Student Answer: I utilize a variety of techniques to develop the style of others that took me several years of experience to develop myself into. My approach of teaching follows along with the development style of a shaman (Manning & Curtis, n.d.). My style developed as I previously worked for positive and negative leaders. I respected the coaching methods of the good leaders and assured myself…show more content…
Discuss job stress and burnout prevention based on your own experiences. Discuss the role of the leader, as well as effective coping…show more content…
I generate most of this additional stress. I tend to put myself in a state of fear and anxiety about things that is out of my control (Manning & Curtis, n.d.). My career with the Tennessee Army National Guard is the best job that I have ever worked for. Throughout my seventeen years of service, I worked as a paralegal, medic, and in human resources. I desire to continue to work in the Tennessee Army National Guard for thirty years, but current policies force me to retire when I reach twenty years of service. I am coping with this stress by pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Organization Leadership at Bethel University and then research further job opportunities when I get closer to retirement. The threat of downsizing has been on the agenda (Manning & Curtis, n.d.). I do not worry as much about it, because it mostly affects the removal of the job position after it becomes vacated. At times, I endure some levels of stress and reach a point of burnout at my job (Manning & Curtis, n.d.). Depending on the degree of stress, I take between one to two days off a month to get away from my office and prevent myself from burnout. Most of the time, this technique works for me. Each year, I take a two week vacation to wind down and relax. Another burnout prevention that seems to be the most helpful is running. I enjoy the feeling that I receive after a long run. This seems to minimize the level of stress

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