Case Analysis: Conflict Between A Young Engaged Couple

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Conflict between a young engaged couple
Actors Fiancé (Adam) Fiancée (Maria)
Facts Adam is unable to spend as much time as he used to with Maria compared to before their engagement.
Adam shows his anger that he has on his work onto Maria at times. Both Adam and Maria fight almost every day because of this. Maria is unable to understand that Adam has to work extra overtime now and therefore is very tired and unable to bring her out as often as before the engagement.
Interests/Motivations Adam wants Maria to understand that he has to work extra hours in order to save up for their marriage.
Adam wants to spend time with Maria but not as often as previously because he needs to rest as well. Both Adam and Maria wants their marriage to go smoothly.
Both Adam and Maria wants the fighting to stop. Maria wants Adam to be able to spend more time with her.
Maria wants to know why Adam has to work so many extra hours every day.
Maria blames Adam that he does not love her like before.
Options Discuss the reasons of his extra working hours with Maria for better understanding purposes. Couple Counselling
Take a day off to talk things out and reach a compromise where both parties will be happy Discuss with Adam why she feels upset and what leads to the anger for a clearer picture and
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If they are adamant in believing that what they say is correct and are unwilling to give their partner a chance, resolving the conflict is going to be very difficult. Second challenge will be when either party is not willing to compromise and wants the solution to be as per their wish. That would mean that they are not willing to give in and it is being selfish. The third challenge will be lack of communication. If both parties do not find time to communicate effectively, the misunderstandings involved will be no resolved and it will only get harder to

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